Water Treatment

Water treatment includes treatment and disinfection of water for usage. Industrial equipment included in this category include various categories of metering pumps, tacmina pumps, analytical controllers, chemical tanks, Jessberger drum pumps, etc. Other categories of equipment of which some can be used in households include water purification systems, filter housings, water dispensers, ultraviolet… More

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ProMinent Fluid Controls (FE) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of ProMinent GmbH which is the world's largest manufacturer of metering pumps. ProMinent GmbH located in Germany was established to deliver pumps from 0.1 liters/hour to 100,000 liters/hour with pressures… More

• Engineering product & service   Design, fabrication, instillation and commissioning for   - Waste water treatment system   - Spent solvent recycle and purification system   - Laboratory furniture • Water treatment chemicals   - Coagulant/flocculants… More