Waste Water Treatment

Waste water can be derived from sewage, industrial activity, and agricultural activity. Waste water treatment is the treatment of soiled water in such a way that it can be disposed of and returned to the water cycle with as minimal issues towards the environment as possible. Such treatment includes the separation and removal of enough impurities that water can be disposed of at an acceptable level… More

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We specialise in: • Hazardous & toxic waste disposal & management  • Biohazard and medical waste management  • Coolant; waste water; oil/water mixture  • Disposal of waste sludge  • Steaming services for ISO - Tanks  • Rental of ISO - Tanks  • Vacuum… More

• Disposal of toxic & hazardous chemicals wastes • Disposal of waste oil • ISO tank cleaning & rental • Vacuum tanker services • Recycling of solvents • Incineration of hazardous & non hazardous waste • Emergency response for spills and leaking containers… More

NSL OilChem Waste Management Pte Ltd is the environmental services arm of NSL Ltd, a leading industrial group in the Asia Pacific.   Established in 1997, we specialise in both oil-and-chemical waste management and the distribution and supplies of diesel,… More

Witco Envirotech is a pioneer in the water treatment business. With more than 40 years of experience, it has grown and expanded its stable of offerings to include air pollution control, earth control and other environment-related services. Due to its… More