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In its new report, Reports and Data expects the global lubricant oil additives market to expand at a CAGR of 2.5 percent from US$15 billion in 2018 to reach US$18.4 billion by 2026. Increased demand for global lubricating oil additives, especially in the automotive sector and the need to increase machine ef ciency in the expanding industrial sector are propelling market growth.
As much of the demand growth is in the Asia Paci c, manufacturers are ramping up their presence in Singapore, a key manufacturing hub for lubricant additives in Asia. With Singapore’s robust intellectual protection (IP) regime, one of the strongest in the world, companies can manufacture here knowing that their IP will be well protected. Singapore also has a well-established base of  nished lubricant producers, which are key customers of lubricant additive companies.
Afton has a chemical additive manufacturing facility on Jurong Island which produces core engine oil additives for the Asia Paci c.
Following the completion of its S$222-million expansion in September 2018, the Singapore plant can produce advanced ashless dispersants and anti-wear components, which are critical in several of the company’s products. It can also help passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles meet performance standards of the future.
Chevron Oronite’s lubricant additives manufacturing facility in Singapore is its largest in Asia. At its 23-hectare site on Jurong Island, Chevron Oronite has added a carboxylate production unit to manufacture sulphur-free detergents, used to produce environmentally friendly fuels and lubricants.
In neum’s plant in Singapore - its  rst in the Asia-Paci c region – produces calcium salicylate, a critical detergent component of

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