23 Kian Teck Drive
Singapore 628840

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Mr Lee Woon Kek, Managing Director


Nature of Business

Unipower Engineering was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore in the year 1991, the company specialised as a thermal insulation company, over the past 20 years, the company had progress into a key player in the field of thermal insulation in the process industries.

Unipower Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd was set-up in the November 2013; tapping into expertise of Unipower Engineering. We will maintain this continuing progress by endlessly striving to improve and achieve new standards of performance derived from effective sourcing of better manpower resources, marketing expertise and the implementation of sophisticated application and new construction technologies.

Core Area of Business:
• Application of Hot and Cold Thermal Insulation
• Application of Concrete, Pyrocrete 241, Isolatek Type - MII for Fireproofing to Steel Structures, Equipment
  Skirt, Saddle, Tank Columns & Support Leg in Refinery & Petrochemical plants
• Application of Refractory works for furnaces, boilers and other industrial plants
• Engineering and Fabrication services for related field works
• Supply of thermal insulation, refractory and fireproofing materials and related accessories
• Supply of Skilled Labour for thermal insulation, fireproofing and refractory works