CRN/UEN: 198803293M

11 Tuas Link 1
Singapore 638588

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Mr Sidney Chew, Executive Chairman


Nature of Business

Megachem Limited is one of the leading suppliers of specialty chemicals in the region, a premier one-stop distributor and manufacturer of industrial specialty products.
Incorporated in 1988, we have grown from strength to strength, with a global presence covering eight cities and a diverse customer base hailing from over ten different industries. The industries that we serve are:

Performance Coatings and Polymers
– Adhesive
– Construction
– Paint & Ink
– Polymerisation
– Textile

Advanced Polymer Composites
– Plastic
– Polyester
– Polyurethane
– Rubber

Surface Technology
– Electronic
– Industrial Cleaning
– Metal Finishing
– Water Treatment
– Pulp & Paper

– Agriculture
– Feed
– Flavour & Fragrance
– Food & Beverage
– Pharmaceutical
– Cosmetic
– Photographic
– Homecare
– Nutraceutical

Oil and Gas
– Lubricant & Grease
– Oil Field
– Petrochemical
– Refinery

– Mining

Megachem supplies a wide range of products - over 800 types and grades of specialty chemicals and complemented by precision-blending capabilities. This diversity enables the company to meet the varying needs of customers.

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